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A Message from the Dean

We cultivate clinical laboratory technologists of the new era in a new department of a health sciences university.

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Science at the School of Medical Technology was established in 2019 as the first private four-year university department for cultivating clinical laboratory technologists in Hokkaido and Tohoku areas of Japan. Our educational aims include formation of humanity as a medical professional and acquisition of communication skills, which are needed for Interprofessional team healthcare, regional medical services and home healthcare, as well as learning of knowledge and skills of clinical examination. Additionally, students will be cultivated into advanced specialists and researchers who will be front-runners in coming eras via graduation study on medical technology. The graduates will be qualified to take national registered clinical laboratory technologist exam plus qualifying exams related to food. Extensive education is provided on health, medicine and welfare, aiming to nurture clinical laboratory technologists capable of playing active parts in diverse fields.

School information

Clinical Laboratory Science

A systematic four-year education is provided via offering graduated series of basic and practical courses on clinical examination starting from the first year, leading to the overall summary of challenging the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in the third year. Afterwards, the students receive clinical training at a medical institute in various regions of Hokkaido and prepare for the national exam. In this way, systematic education will be provided throughout the four years.

Major subjects

Clinical chemistry
Medical engineering
Clinical pathophysiology
Clinical hematology
Laboratory Immunology
Medical Imaging

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