Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

A Message from the President

Kumi Mikuni


Kumi Mikuni

Health Sciences University of Hokkaido was established on an educational ideal that aimed to combine knowledge, virtue, and physical well-being in 1974. We, “the northern base for fostering new health professionals”, are a medical based university devoted to the social mission of nurturing specialists for regional healthcare. Our university is comprised of six faculties and graduate schools, including the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Dentistry, School of Nursing & Social Services, School of Psychological Sciences, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, and School of Medical Technology, which was established in 2019. We also have a Dental Hygienist School affiliated with the School of Dentistry. We now have approximately 3,500 active students on our two campuses in Tobetsu and Ainosato. We also have a Sapporo Satellite Campus located near Sapporo station. The main campus is situated in the Tobetsu countryside and is set against a backdrop of rich green hills overlooking the vast Ishikari Plain. An up-to-date facility with modern equipment in such luxurious natural surroundings – – our university is indeed the ideal setting for higher education.

Today, universities face a strong demand for professionals to respond to the various needs of our society. Our university is highly regarded by the outside community and has received outstanding recommendations for its regional contributions among all medical based universities nationwide. These accolades could be earned because of the tireless efforts of our alumni, who number around 20,000. The superb environment provided by our university also encourages club or volunteer activities in addition to academic pursuits. Everything is so enjoyable here that what may seem at first like a long wait before the completion of a course or graduation, actually, goes by in the blink of an eye. As the President of this university, I bear the enormous responsibility of helping each student find his or her career path in the few years that they are enrolled here. Hokkaido is a splendid land, blessed with the beauties of the four seasons. By providing the best education in a land privileged by beauty, our students will find fulfillment in both academic and campus life, and this is what makes the Health Sciences University of Hokkaido a future Mecca for hopeful students, a place all medical based professionals will aspire to attend.

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to all aspiring experts to join the Health Sciences University of Hokkaido as we continue to thrive as “the northern base for fostering new health professionals.”

Kumi Mikuni
President, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

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