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A Message from the Dean

Be a Certified Public Psychologist
Who support for person suffering from mental health problems

Our school trains professionals to assist people with mental health conditions through scientific means. Our educational program enables students to understand the physical, psychological, and social characteristics of such patients, and solve their problems using scientific methods. The curriculum of the School is outstanding due to its emphasis on the scientific approach. The Clinical Psychology program will educate you on psychology in terms of both natural and human sciences.

Clinical Psychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology provides a wide range of psychology courses as well as a variety of medical and cognitive science cour ses which help student s understand the functions of the brain underlying mental health conditions. The curriculum is unique, enabling students to interrelate the basic and clinical sciences investigating the human mind. Moreover, it focuses on the development of clinical skills, with on-site practicum required for all students.
The need for clinical psychologists is currently increasing. Upon completion of the program, the students are awarded a certificate from the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists. Students wishing to become Certified Clinical Psychologists, may enroll in our graduate program (Master’s and Doctoral degrees).

【Foundation Subjects for the Course】
Duty of Licensed Psychologist
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
Psychological Statistics
Psychological Experiment
【Practical Psychology】
Health / Medical Psychology
Welfare Psychology
Education / School Psychology
Forensic / Criminal Psychology
Industrial / Organizational Psychology
【Practical Training Subjects】
Psychological Training
Psychological Exercise
【Specialized Foundation Subjects】
Psychological Science Basics
Gender Theory
Environmental Psychology
History of Psychology
Special Lecture on Clinical Psychology
Introduction to Social Work
【Other Subjects】
Psychotherapy Practice
Career Planning
Behavioral Economics
Occupational Safety and Health
Communication Skill Training
【Basic Subjects for the Course】
Perceptual / Cognitive Psychology
Learning / Language Psychology
Emotion / Personality Psychology
Neuro / Physiological Psychology
Social / Group / Family Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology for Adults & Children with Disabilities
Psychological Assessment
Psychological Support Method
【Psychology Related Subjects】
Human body Structure, Function and Diseases
Mental Disorders and Treatment
Legal and Administrative Systems
Advanced Seminar in Psychological Research
Psychological Literature Reading
Psychological Information Processing
【Medical Subjects】
Introduction to Medicine
Internal Medicine
Public Health

Graduate School of Psychological Sciences

Students can study a wide range of fields of Clinical Psychology,
while conducting research in specialized fields

The Graduate School of Psychological Science (Department of Clinical Psychology) aims to train individuals who will be active professionals after acquiring a certified psychologist license. Moreover, the department is responsible for training leaders who aim to develop these fields.
The Department of Clinical Psychology includes the Counseling Center termed Kokoro no Sodan Center. It offers courses that enable students to obtain national certification as a Licensed Psychologist upon completion of the master’s program. Through the off-campus practical psychology training offered in the master’s program, students can acquire a wide range of practical skills covering healthcare, education, welfare, justice/crime, and industry/labor, as well as internal training at the Kokoro no Sodan Center. In the curriculum of the Department of Clinical Psychology, students can develop basic scientific and clinical psychology skills. In addition, they participate in a wide range of psychological clinical activities, including community support, through clinical psychology education based on the scientist–practitioner model.
In the doctoral program, these fields are further elaborated upon, and future leaders in the field are trained on research skills. Numerous of our graduates have become faculty members at our and other universities. We hope to continue to fulfill our mission of training leaders in the field of clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology(pre-doctoral and post-doctoral)

Master’s Program / Doctoral Program

Clinical Psychology

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