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School of Nursing and Social Services

A Message from the Dean

A New Approach in Japan:
Integrating Nursing and Social Services

Although healthcare and social services should be considered on the same basis in the overall comprehensive care for a patient, they are currently split into completely different entities. As a result, nursing education is categorized under medical education, whereas social services belong to social sciences. The School of Nursing and Social Services was founded in 1993, aiming to educate healthcare professionals. The students undertaking this training experience an integration of skills in nursing as well as social services.
The School consists of 2 courses: Nursing and Social Management. A mutual exchange of courses, training, and research are unique to our School and this special characteristic of the curriculum has been an innovative force in Japan.


Nurses in Japan are expected to offer holistic human care, providing highly qualified and specialized care for patients compared with the past.
The program provided by the School is titled ‘Bachelor of Science in Nursing’. Graduates of this program will be clinical nurses and community care nurses and are expected to provide highly qualified and integrated care to the population (patients and healthy individuals).


Fundamental Health Sciences

【 Education Field 】
Human Anatomy
Pathophysiology in Adulthood Disease
Internal Medicine
Preventive medicine
【 Research Field 】
Emergency Medicine
Cardiovascular Medicine
Biological Oncology
Medical Oncology
Preventive medicine


Fundamentals of Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Principle of Nursing
Theories of Nursing Art
Fundamentals of Nursing Skill
Clinical Practicum of Fundamental Nursing
【 Research Field 】
Concept of a Nursing Practice
Educational Methods of a Nursing Skill
Study of Nursing Skill’s Methods
Interaction between Patients and Nurses

Nursing Management and Administration

【 Education Field 】
Career Development
Nursing Ethics
Nursing Management and Administration
Safety Management
【 Research Field 】
Supporting the Career Development of Clinical Nurses and Nursing Students
Continuing education for clinical nurses
Nursing Administration

Community Health Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Public Health Nursing Course Education
Health Education
Health Care Policy
Clinical Practice of Public
Health Nursing (in Health Centers)
【 Research Field 】
The Theory and methods for Community empowerment
Risk management among community-dwelling people
Development of enhancing the efficacy of nursing intervention in community
Assessment and Support for Families

Home Health Care Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Fundamentals of Home Health Care Nursing
Details of Home Health Care Nursing
Practicum in Home Health Care Nursing
Clinical Practice of Home Health Care Nursing
【 Research Field 】
End-of-Life-Care at Home
Managing of Home Health Care
Transitional care
Discharge planning Services
Home visiting Nursing

Clinical Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Nursing Ethics
Consultation for Advanced Practice Nursing
Continuing Education for Nurses
【 Research Field 】
Cancer Survivorship
Support Group for Cancer Patients and Families


Adult Health Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Fundamentals of Adult Nursing
Clinical Pathology and Adult Health Nursing
Practicum in Adult Health Nursing
Clinical Practice of Adult Health Nursing
【 Research Field 】
Chronic Illness Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Cancer Nursing
Intractable Illness Nursing

Gerontological Nursing

【Education Field】
Gerontological Nursing
Pathophysiology of Aging-associated Diseases and Nursing
Skills for Gerontological Nursing
Clinical Practice of Gerontological Nursing
Dementia Care
【Research Field】
Dementia Care

End-of-Life Care for Long-Term Care Residents
Dysphagia Management for Older Adults
Decision-Making Support for Older Adults
Nutritional Care of Older Adults in Acute Care Settings
Preventing Burns in Older Adults

Child Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Health Promotion of the Children and Families
Nursing Care of Infant and Children
Clinical Practicum in Child Health Nursing
【 Research Field 】
Interaction between Child and Caregiver
Nursing Care of Child and Family

Maternity and Women’s Health Care Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Maternity and Women’s Health Care Nursing
【 Research Field 】
Maternal/ Women’s health
Reproductive health/rights in developing countries

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

【 Education Field 】
Pathophysiology of mental illness
Nursing theory for the mentally ill
Nursing methods for people with mental illness
How to maintain mental health
【 Research Field 】
Certified Nurse Specialist in psychiatric nursing practice and growth process
Discharge support and community life support for people with
Mental disorders who have been hospitalized for a long time

Oncology Nursing

Integrated Human Sciences

Social Management

Social Work education is well established in Japan. However, the actualization of the social work service remains suboptimal. Currently, there is an urgent requirement for professionally trained social workers to play an active role in our society. Our curriculum aims to educate the social work specialist in the fields of welfare and healthcare. In particular, it emphasizes the value of practicum experience and provides the students with various practicum opportunities.
Our educational program includes training on assisting people with physical and/or mental challenges by supporting their physical, psychological, social, and/or economical struggles. Graduates of our program are employed by social agencies, social welfare facilities and organizations, and hospitals.

Graduate School of Nursing & Social Services

Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Educational Programs Enhancing Specialization

In the Master’s division of Nursing training, we have created a CNS curriculum that “enhances students’ superior practical ability in a specialized nursing field and nurtures their capacity for leadership and research skills crucial in supporting practitioners.” In 2010, the University also initiated the NP training. This is the 4th institution in Japan to offer this training and has one of the leading educational environments in the country.

Cultivating Specialists Who Can Actively Move Beyond the Framework of Social Welfare

In the Department of Clinical and Social Work Practice, our prime objective is the improvement of the overall quality of life for all individuals. It is our goal to train highly specialized professionals who continually contribute to the overall improvement of social service areas such as health, medicine, and welfare. Through practical experience, we refine the ability of students to address various challenges in creating, maintaining, and managing programs; cooperate with other social divisions; and aid in social welfare consultations.

Nursing(pre-doctoral and post-doctoral)

Master’s Program / Doctoral Program

【 Foundational and Integration Field 】
Fundamentals of Nursing
Nursing Management Science
Regional Nursing Home Care
Nursing and Infection Control
【 Developmental Disabilities Field 】
Pediatric Nursing
Maternal Nursing
Adult Nursing
Gerontological Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing
Cancer Patient nursing

Clinical Social Work(pre-doctoral and post-doctoral)

Master’s Program

Individuals with Disabilities Welfare Studies
Elderly Care Welfare Studies
Child Welfare Studies
Epidemiological Welfare Studies
Music Therapy

Doctoral Program

Welfare Assistance
Welfare Policy and Management

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